Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Is “Academic” Writing? By L. Lennie Irvin

    This article was very enlightening. I really enjoyed the brief and easy tips that were given by the author. I laughed to myself as I read the myths of a college freshman writer. I thought about a few of my previous English classes and the concepts those teachers taught and the change each has brought to my perception of writing.

    The five paragraph rule was surprisingly not hard for me to excuse. I remember my 5th grade year of school it was magnitory for each 5th grader to take a writing test mandated by the Board of Education. My teachers put tedious hours into teaching us the foundation for writing within the "perfect format". As I grew up I learned to write according to the shift. My high school teacher was a stickler for writing according to the shift. She encouraged me to change my writing habits and to just write and revise as needed.

    I really enjoyed the insight the author gave the readers on what the professors are really looking for. This article is definitely an article I'll feel free to reference back to when I find myself struggling in some features of English Comp.

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